JR Borja Extension is one of Cagayan de Oro City’s major highways, parallel with the ICBR. It begins from the junction at President Roxas Street in Cogon and ends up to Gusa. Plans are already underway to further extend it to Tablon with final exit point at Nestlé.

Although not as busy the National Highway, vehicular traffic at JR Borja Extension is growing steadily by the day with increased number of vehicles using the road. Eastbound public utility vans and jeepneys (outside Cagayan de Oro City) use this road from the Eastbound Terminal. Private vehicles also take this road to avoid bumper traffic along the main National Highway.

Expect traffic to increase in the coming years as vacant lots in the Gusa area are planned for developments, including the proposed City Hospital. More restaurants are also sprouting in the area like, Barkadahan Grill, Nitivo Fresh Grill, Steve’s, among others.

Newly completed development is a gasoline station “Juan Fuel” by Juan Republic, perhaps a Filipino-owned company, which is opening soon.

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