article By ABEGAIL ALVAREZ, JOVERT TUPAG and GEL MAINE LOFRANCO – Pilgrim Christian College Interns from Gold Star Daily 

LUPIG sila! Lahi ra jud! Familiar with the statement? That is the slogan of Mor 91.9. One of the biggest names in the industry of disc jockey is what we all Cagayanons know, Bernie Bitokbitok.

Bernie is a product of Mangagoy, Surigao del Sur. Together with his family, he was brought up with diligence and perseverance. As time passed when he was already in high school, the city lost its color, Surigao is not anymore a place for competition that’s why they decided to wander here in Cagayan de Oro City.

At first, it was difficult for him to adjust with the environment, the people around and most especially, the culture.  He was depressed when he finally knew that they will move to Cagayan de Oro City together with his family.

Since his parents want him to persist his studies in a quality and private school, he transferred at Corpus Christi to continue his third year course in high school.  When he started that year, he was having hard time to adjust everything. Because, way back when he was in Surigao, the people doesn’t care about your outfit, the brand name of your shirt, the shoes, likewise the brand of your deodorant. While here in the Cagayan, everything matters including the brand of your underwear.

But, as days pass by, he started to adopt the Cagayanon culture.  During that year, his passion in dancing made him up to form his own dance group.

During his college years at MUST (which was then MPSC), he took up Computer Electronic but his father wanted him to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering. He formed another dance group, they performed at the school and all in the timing, one of the Tsada Cagayan (a local tv program in ABS-CBN) hosts was there. And she/he was interested by the performance of Bernie’s dance group, they became a guest dancer in the said program. This was the opportunity for him to enter the world of media.

He was busy performing in Tsada Cagayan and he didn’t have much time in school.

One of the executive producers in ABS-CBN celebrating her/his birthday, he grabbed the opportunity to make some jokes to impress the celebrant and it was being appreciated then and he was given a segment.

He worked as volunteer for two years in ABS-CBN without being paid. The staff saw his perseverance and determination of his work. “The key word for all of this is, love of work” Bernie said.  All in the timing, it so happened that one of the disc jockeys left ABS-CBN, Bernie was being appointed to replace the position.

He is also one of the hosts of Pamahaw Ispisyal together with Nicole every morning.

Never in his mind did it cross that he was able to work in a radio station, but now, he is enjoying.  And fortunately, he is the head of MOR radio station.  Bernie has a family with a three-year-old and a one-year-old kid.

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