This is part 8 of the series. The pictures you see were taken a couple of weeks ago (Feb. 12) so expect some progress when you visit the sites now. The worker above is actually working on steel trusses for an expansion on the roof of Lourdes College.

If you happen to pass by near the school, try looking up at the north wing just fronting Jollibee. Perhaps this is another function room.

Below is another building renovation just fronting the amphitheater. This is one of the few remaining original buildings (as to my opinion) in the area. By the way, do you know that Burgos Street is the oldest street in the city?

The HP Building below at Masterson Mile at Pueblo de Oro was just completed but I forgot to post it here. It was originally just a 2-storey structure.

Below is another office building construction at Masterson Mile.

I have more NEW constructions in the city…the boom is not slowing down… I’ll post them in the future…pending availability of my sked. Stay tuned!

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