Business must be good that businessman Elpie Paras is implementing more development inside Dahilayan Adventure Park starting with the restaurant shown above overlooking the valley.

The park has been drawing in more clients everyday that the management has now opened the facilities from Wednesday to Sundays. It was initially opened only for weekends (Fridays to Sundays).

The restaurant offers a magnificent view of the valley. Across the valley is Moutain Pines Farm of A Brown Co.

Perhaps, another landing pad?

Below the restaurant are rooms for overnight stay. I guess they don’t need air-conditioning units. By 2:00 pm, fog begins to envelope the area.

Below is believed to be a gazebo. It’s near the entrance.

The restaurant is just below the landing pad for the 840-meter zip-line.

This path is just beside the parking area passing through the pine trees.

Right at the bottom of the valley is another of the park’s attraction – wall climbing and some sort of “Wipeout” stuff…training for soldiers or a ropes course.

Another big development in the horizon still within the park.

Closer look….major earthmoving…I wonder what Paras has in mind for this.

On-going riprap for slope protection.

Below is just beside the park office…a hotdog or fastfood outlet maybe?

Environmental pavers again…lots of people are using these. The maker is making lots of money.

Below is my personal sketch of the park.

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