Mindanao University of Science and Technology, Cagayan de Oro City’s only state university is currently in the midst of a 6-year massive infrastructure development, just a year after its conversion into a university.

The 2010-2015 strategic plan for the complex involves twenty (20) developments which involves five (5) existing buildings, two (2) newly completed buildings, one (1) on-going construction, and twelve (12) more buildings to be constructed.

The existing buildings are Learning Resource Center Bldg. (#14 on layout), Girls Trade Bldg. (#19), Chemistry Bldg. (#12), Gym and Old Admin Bldg. (#3), and the Integrated Tech. Bldg. 3 &4 (#5). Because the Gym was gutted by fire, I expect a new University Gym to rise….

The newly completed buildings are ICT Bldg. (#7), and Admin Bldg. (#8), with the latter being called as the “glass house”.

The Science Complex (#11) located on the north side of the former football field is under construction.

Next to be constructed will be the 5-storey Engineering Complex (#4).

Also on the list as reflected on the plan are: a new Main Gate (#1), Cultural Center (#2), a multi-storey Commercial Bldg. (#18), Tech. Bldg. (#6), Athletics & Rrecreational Facilities (#9), Admin Support Facilities (#10), College of Arts & Sciences Bldg. (#13), Student Center (#15), College of Policy Studies, Educ. & Mgt. Bldg. (#16), Cafeteria Bldg. (#17), and lastly a Dormitory (#20) at the back of the complex.

Below are the closer views of the different parts of the new MUST Complex.

This could be one of the most beautiful state university in the country.

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