A growing number of Cagayanons and other domestic tourists have already visited De Oro Sagatech Resort in Bulua, just a stone’s throw away from Land Transportation Office (LTO). Aside from the swimming pool, the resort owners are also constructing the hotel component.

The site was formerly the De Oro Tropical Fruits Corp., which produced mango puree, until it was converted into a resort a few years ago. Photos below show the progress of the hotel construction. Work stopped for sometime until it was resumed just a few weeks ago.

As you enter the resort gate, this building is on the left. The ground floor “rooms” have “drive-in” type facilities as seen below.

Below is the stairs up the arch…you can have a good view on top.

This is the rooftop…at the arch.

Spiderman…trying out his new suit…

Oh…he’s just going over welding works on the roof…

Sosyal…vacuum cleaner for the roof…

Main entrance (below right) and facade of the resort. LTO is at extreme left.

The drive-in….

The main entrance and arch…

Below are photos of the resort’s swimming pool, which has been getting customers particularly on weekends. Expect the resort to be booked in summer. Admittance fee is P40 per head. Children below 11 years old are charged P25 per head.

The circular pool on the left is for children.

Wanna be a superhero?

The pool as seen from the top of the hotel building.

There was no info as to when will the hotel be operational. But surely, it will be open to the public soon…

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