Asian-American pop star Chelsea Emata, known in the US as “Chelsea E.,” is a rising star in the independent music scene. Chelsea has always believed in her heart that she was born to do this and despite her ups and downs from signing to a label to going solo, she remained headstrong, citing her favorite quote by Machiavelli, “The hard route to the top is often the best.”

Chelsea was born in Cagayan de Oro City in the Philippines. She moved to the US by the age of five and at eight, she had instantly found her love for music while singing along to the classic Barbara Streisand song, “Memory,” over and over in her bedroom. This passion led to her performing musicals in front of thousands of people by the age of ten. Since Chelsea’s family saw her undisputable talent at such an early age, they lovingly encouraged her love for music while incorporating it into her education.

She was enrolled at Pacoima Middle School Magnet for the Performing Arts where she first studied musical theatre. She then attended Los Angeles County High School for Arts where she studied musical theatre, voice, and dance.

By the time Chelsea was thirteen–she was already a seasoned performer. Her major influences: Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey, helped her mold her vocals and gave her impressions of lasting careers to strive for in her music career.

Chelsea went on to play the lead in several major musicals including, “Chorus Line”[Connie Wong], “Fame the Musical” [Serena Katz], and performed alongside musical prodigy Josh Groban in “Fiddler on the Roof” [Hodel] and “Finian’s Rainbow [Necessity Girl]. During this time, a talent agent discovered her and decided that Chelsea would be the perfect fit for an all-Asian female pop band that was in the process of forming. During her junior year of high school, Chelsea officially became a member of SX4. The girls of SX4 were quickly signed to a European label and had three singles distributed under BMG in the “Gangland Album” by the legendary Kool and the Gang.

After several years, conflicts of interest began to surface within the group, and they decided to disband. Chelsea says, “I loved being in an all girl band– there were many elements I enjoyed about it, the group effort, learning and singing harmonies, and performing with my friends. It was a great experience.”

After the girls went their separate ways, Chelsea decided to pursue her education further and attended The Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasting in Huntington Beach, California. She had retained her contacts from the days
when she was in SX4, got in contact with producers and made the decision to move forward as a solo artist recording her debut album “Greenlight Girl.”   

Greenlight Girl” is a combination of pop, acoustic, and urban sounds. Her style of music is classified in the pop category, as she prefers to sing songs that highlight her vocal range. Her music has been compared to the styles of
Natasha Bedingfield, Nelly Furtado, Fergie and Pink. Excerpts from her private journal inspire her lyrics, and she describes her debut album as being “a musical diary.”

Chelsea shares, “When I am hurt, angry, or upset, I find the only way to regain sanity is to cry it off, and then add lyrics and melody to the situation.” Chelsea’s lyrics take listeners through heartbreak, relationship woes, love at first sight, and disappointments in love.

Disarming, outgoing, sexy, flirty, talented, and a rising star in the independent music scene, Chelsea E is ready to change the face of pop music– as she is quickly becoming the most watched Asian American female to be on the rise in the music industry.

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