Construction works at Limketkai Center is still on-going. Shown above is the new southern ramp below the East Concourse Extension.

Welding of perimeter grills is also underway.

The ceilings are being painted yellow.

More grills being welded.

Environment-friendly (green) pavers are being used in the entire complex.

Below is Parking A already fenced for development as another commercial strip…rumored to be the exact site of “Starbucks”.

Photo below shows the inside of fence.

Below was used to be the rumored “Starbucks” site…construction was stopped for a few weeks and resumed just recently. 

Updates of the skybridges below…

Below is the new Bourbon St. Bistro…opening soon.

To the extreme left of the picture below is Siam Thai Cuisine which is also under construction.

Glad the airplane is still there.

Lots of Valentine’s Day treats at Rosario Arcade…

Two (2) new fountains being built beside Rio Grill and Figaro. One is shown below.

The newest tarpaulin installed is that of Marca Leon…LKKS’ own pride. It’s at the bridge connecting to Robinsons.

Because of this, the underpass is temporarily closed.

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