Seventy-seven (77) graduating elementary pupils from region 10 passed the qualifying examination of the Philippine Science High School.

They are among the 1,091 successful examinees who hurdled the qualifying scholarship examination given on November 7, 2009. About 20,000 pupils all over the country applied for the scholarship.

The successful PSHS scholars from region 10 are as follows: Akut, Sharrina Paula A.; Aliman, Joemer M.; Almonte, Penelope P.; Amaro, Samuel Laurence A.; Amba, Gilian Wyn E.; Ampalaya, Kent Joshua C.; Anarig, Sittie Yamniha S.; Apos, Bruce Oliver B.; Arsenal, Kevin Michael B.; Arsenal, Kevin Nathaniel B.; Bacal, Jose Agerico P.; Baldonado, Brytt R.; Barber, Ruel Bryan M.; Baring, Bianca J.; Batoy, Christine May l.; Biado, Timothy James A.; Blanco, Glennriced G.; Botavara, Lorenzo A.; Buat, Safiyah Dominique S.; Buot, Carole Colleen l.; Cabigas, Danniel Frannz A.; Cagumpay, Rustin Mari D.; Canen, Joanna l.; Cantallopez. Jaeius Jules R.; Castrence, Nemard Lee N.; Chan, Brandon Neil U.; Cuajotor, Krizziane Ivy T.; Diangco, Mike Martin C.; Dongdong, Peter Jeandronico D.; Espinas, Candace B.; Felisaria, Khelly Jeanne U.; Galabin, Syriel Jay T.; Golez, Gian Paolo P.; Huevos, Haziel M.; Itaas, Elbien C.; Jaducana, Emil Martin B.; Janolino, Sean Danielle.; Labial, Jireh Dorothy C.; Lagus, Neco Conniell A.; Lucenara, Loraine l.; Macabinlar, Kenneth Joshua A.; Maestre, Loriza E.; Malangis, Cloyd Mark Jim M.; Malferrari, Alberto S.; Manulat, Hezra l.; Merca, Minette Lou I.; Molina, Kobe Alexandra E.; Mordeno, Ken l.; Moncio, Kathleen May Lorraine C.; Pador, Von Ganemede P.; Pajaro, Aristy Ed B.; Pamesa, Kent Ammon J.; Pancho, Uriah Z.; Paye, Nikka Lorraine Y.; Que, Dian Augustine U.; Ragasa, Edgardo R.; Ranido, Danielle Ann A.; Rapliza, Annamitz A.; Ratilla, Romelle Marie N.; Rico, Frederick Irving l.; Salape, Onyx Jasper U.; Salcedo, Joerie Christian E.; Salise, Paul Carlo Diamond G.; Santos, Danica Rae C.; Sarigumba, Steven Jose R.; Seguerra, Alaissa A.; Serquina, Bernice P.; Sorino, Erika D.; Sugita, Yukmi Hailee.; Uy, Ernest Mikkhil G.; Uy, Johannie Mae l.; Velasco, Jacob Christian N.; Villamayor, Merimae S.; Villamor, Franz Patrick C.; Yap, Rod Nicole G.; Yu, Shaun Harvey K.; Zaragoza, Zaham B.

The qualifiers are requested to immediately contact the Registrar or the Campus Director of the PSHS campus where they are qualified to enroll in, or visit the following websites: or, for more information on early enrolment.

Last day for pre-enrolment of principal qualifiers is on March 20, 2010. Specific schedule of other enrolment activities shall be announced by the respective campuses.

The Philippine Science High School (PSHS) is the premiere science high school under the umbrella of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). It offers an education that is humanistic in spirit, global in perspective, and patriotic in orientation. It is based on a curriculum that emphasizes science and mathematics and the development of well-rounded individuals.

The PSHS prepares its students for careers in science and technology and contributes to nation building by helping the country attain a critical mass of professionals and leaders in science and technology.

For inquiries, please visit the DOST regional office at J.V. Serina St., or the nearest Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC) in your area. (DOST 10)

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