Quick updates on the New Agora Complex Project showed steel structures for the Market already in place. Concreting of main columns is underway.

A cloudless day with scorching solar heat = rush photos. Had to drive around the complex. Above photo and below show the project as seen from southeast corner.

Below is the project as viewed from northeast corner.

Picture below shows the new complex as seen from northwest. Under construction at right I believe forms part of the new bus terminal or perhaps an entrance to the new market.

Maybe you can notice the very high ceiling or roof frames of the supposed to be just a 2-storey edifice. There are rumors that SM is putting up a Save More branch inside.

The view from Dunkin Donuts outlet. Had to get off the car since trucks and buses are blocking the view.

Below is the New Agora Complex as viewed from southwest corner. On the left (not seen on photo) is another building being constructed within the complex. Perhaps, the police station or terminal office.

From the looks of it, I’d say this will be inaugurated come July or August 2010.

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