“EQUIP the city police.”

This is the statement of 2009 Oro Chamber President Rudy Meñes when asked about crime prevention in the city.

The 370-members strong Chamber, recently donated two (2) motorcycles to the City Police Office.

Purchased from the proceeds of the 2nd Mayor Tinnex Jaraula Open Golf Tournament held on October 2009 and some augmentation from the Oro Chamber funds, these motorcycles will help increase the mobility of the city police in combating crime in the area.

“Peace-keeping support remains to be one of the top priorities of our Chamber,” said Meñes. The Chamber Officer believed that even under the leadership of 2010 Chamber President Ralph Paguio of CEPALCO, Oro Chamber will still be implementing several fora on securing the business against threats and lawless elements.

“One of the major activities of our Chamber in the first quarter is a forum on “Peace and Order Situation in Region X” considering that it will already be elections time in May,” confirmed Paguio. “This is our city and who else will protect and promote our place but us,” he further said.

As the country’s premier business organization, Oro Chamber is taking an active role in helping local government units especially the City of Cagayan de Oro to create an environment that is conducive not just for the businesses to thrive but also for the benefit of the people living in it.

The Oro Chamber expects in return that the City Police department will use the motorcycles effectively in serving the public. (Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

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