by Mark Francisco

A Cagayanon now living in New Zealand was recently praised for averting a potential huge fire disaster in the gas station where she works.

 Shell Ashburton identified the Cagayanon as 31-year-old Ma. Veronica Barros-Sostinto. Verna as she is fondly called back home is a high school graduate of Liceo de Cagayan 1995 batch.

Verna was working at Shell Ashburton in the Canterbury region of New Zealand one Saturday night in 2009 when she noticed an electrical fire near the switchboard.

By following the emergency procedures on site, she managed to isolate the risk and ensure that the customers were safe.

Hemi, a staff member who lives close to the site, immediately came to the rescue and assisted Verna in managing the issue on site.

Bob, who manages the site, also went above and beyond the call of duty and returned to the site from an out-of-town excursion to ensure that everything was under control.

The emergency services praised the quick actions of all the staff involved and admitted that it could have been significantly worse had they not acted in the way they did.

“We are greatly appreciative of their actions and efforts and remaining calm in a stressful situation. Well done to the team at Shell Ashburton,” a company statement circulated.

“Everything in this world is temporary,” Verna says in her Facebook account, “so enjoy every second of your time. Don’t waste it on things that lead you nowhere. Instead, explore your horizon and be happy.”

“Life is never complicated if you just try to make it simple,” she adds.

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