Two academic institutions in this city have upgraded their information and communications technology (ICT)-related programs to boost the region’s business process outsourcing competitiveness.

“Locators will not choose to establish their businesses here if we don’t have a competent pool of manpower,” said Alex L. Maureal, information technology chief of the Mindanao University of Science and Technology.

The school, which achieved university status only in February last year, trains students both in hardware and software development.

“We have been partnering with Cisco for almost 10 years already. We have integrated four Cisco subjects into our curriculum,” said Jocelyn B. Barbosa, head of the university’s information technology department, referring to the multinational technology firm.

Last year, the school got support from the US Agency for International Development for its Job Enabling English Proficiency Project.

Capitol University, meanwhile, is developing business process outsourcing personnel.

The school has put up its own call center, said Josenita R. Abecia, manager of the Capitol University (CU) Call Center and CU Maximum Transcription. It has also been offering a 160-hour training course for transcription services. — L. G. Dumas

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