I first posted this project last December 15, 2009, after seeing some major works at the back of the St. Augustine Cathedral and just lately the proponents have finally installed the tarpaulin of this project.

Based on the perspective, the project is officially called “St. Augustine Cathedral Roof and Ceiling Renovation”. The church will now have a “small dome” on the roof above the apse and altar.

Below shows the location of the perspective outside the church.

Workers are still transporting construction materials into the church.

The altar is now closed to the public. Fewer people will be accommodated in the next couple of days.

Below is the perspective as installed inside the church.

As seen below, the roofings (right) of the southern tip of the chruch is now complete. You can see the clear disparity between the new and the old roofs. The cathedral was rebuilt after it was destroyed in WW2.

Below used to be the area where the priests hear mass. Now its closed for renovation.

The ceiling below is where the dome will be built as shown in the perspective.

Some pews had to be taken outside for the works.

I think the archdiocese is rushing things up before the Holy Week this year. Hopefully, Cagayan de Oro will have a fully renovated place of worship for the city’s devoted Catholics.

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