This post will involve the construction projects mentioned in earlier months and will show you the latest status. The first one shown above is the 5-storey commercial building at the corner of JR Borja and Daumar Streets in Cogon. I posted this first last August 14, 2009.

As of today as shown above, the building structure and form has been completed. Workers are now on the exterior finishing and perhaps metal cladding which is the fad nowadays.

Next is this building below in Bulua just a few meters across the Department of Budget & Management (DBM) Building. First posted last August 19, 2009. We can now call it the VJANDEP Building, unofficially that is. Owned by the now-famous entrepreneur of Vjandep Pastel, Col. Virgilio Jose, the building bears the logo of Vjandep at the top. It was very clear a few weeks ago but the contractor has covered a large protion of the logo when they installed the metal claddings. Could this be the main headquarters of Vjandep? But one thing’s sure, all the money from the pastel pasalubongs for CDO visitors must have financed the project.

Below is the small commercial arcade in the heart of the city, along Rizal-Gomez Streets. First posted last November 6, 2009, it is nearing completion. In fact, one stall is already open as shown below even as construction materials and debris are still in the premises. More commercial spaces will be available.

Below is the status of ONE NETWORK BANK in Cogon at the corner of Arch. Hayes and Pres. Aguinaldo Streets. First posted on August 14, 2009, it is now nearing completion.

Lastly, some progress of the renovation of the old Casa Ofelia. I thought I finally saw the new name of the hotel but unfortunately, it says: WELCOME HOME LOVAAS FAMILY…HAPPY NEW YEAR!…FROM ABALDE FAMILY. Still, some progress as workers are seen doing all kinds of “renovation” inside the building.

As I was saying….the welcome tarp at the entrance…:)

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