Mr. Stephen Gaisano hasn’t even completed its building project along Julio Pacana Street and I saw this long stretch of property in Cugman being fenced with G.I. sheets. Accordingly, Mr. Gaisano has bought the property from the Tamparong family and is reportedly developing a commercial arcade in the said lot.

Some workers at the site said they heard it will be a warehouse but based on the last set of photos below, the width is shorter that the length of 18-wheeler trucks known to transport goods for Gaisano’s stores. Some also said it will be an arcade which I’m more inclined to believe.

In my opinion, if it is indeed an arcade it would be similar to that of Kimwa Arcade where a long line of commercial stalls are up for rent for office or business establishment where the main establishment is Leo’s Bar.

As seen in the following pictures, the facade is nearly 200 meters long. Gaisano is also rumored to be negotiating with the adjacent lot being occupied by entrepreneurs selling seedlings for nursery or planting. Said is also owned by Tamparong family…..again.

As seen below, workers have started the layout and excavation of the foundations of the proposed building.

But whether it is an arcade or a warehouse, it is still good news for Cagayan de Oro since this will provide opportunities for those without work.

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