Director Emil Sadain of the President’s Bridge Program Office, DPWH said the government is constructing ten (10) flyovers in different parts of the country before President Arroyo’s term ends including one at the Puerto-Sayre Highway Junction in Cagayan de Oro City.

This is very good news for the city since that junction is very congested with lots of vehicles converging plus the presence of huge lines of hauling trucks and passenger buses make it one of the busiest in the city, despite being 14 kilometers from the city proper.

Further, Puerto Public Market is also near the junction. The crossing is one of the vital road networks on the island serving the main highway to Bukidnon and Davao.

In previous press releases, Cong. Rufus Rodriguez announced the approval of an overpass to be built in Barangay Puerto worth P230-Million. This will help the land cargoes from Bukidnon to Cagayan de Oro.

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