I posted this building project last August 19, 2009 and had no idea of its name. Lately, the contractor has finally installed a billboard of the project: CHRISTIAN LADIES DORMITORY. The building has seven (7) floors and perhaps the tallest dorm in the city.

I am posting this separately because of its size being 7 storeys high…did I count it right? Based on the billboard, all rooms are air-conditioned, with toilet & bath. The building will also have an internet cafe, fastfood and restaurant, elevator, generator, laundry area, 24-hours security, CCTV, and lastly, a convenience store. A blue and yellow combination for the building ain’t that bad. At least you’ll notice it from afar.

For booking, you can contact LEXIS GRILL…so does this mean this is owned by Mr. Alex Pamatong? Hmmm….perhaps the owners are targetting the next schoolyear….strict parents (and moneyed sponsors!) will find the place suitable for their girls/ladies.

The photo below was taken in August.

The following photos show the building as of today.

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