Cagayan de Oro is known to have the best taxi cabs in the country. The likes of Toyota Corolla Altis and Toyota Avanza plying thru the city’s streets are well-liked by tourists and first time visitors. But, have you ever heard of jeepneys with TVs?

I guess only in Cagayan de Oro…

I rode a passenger jeepney a few months ago with a small LCD Monitor on the dashboard in front of the driver’s seat just on top of his DVD/CD player. The screen I think the screen is 5 inches across diagonally so passengers at the back can hardly see what’s playing except for those on the passenger’s side of the front seat and the ones seated behind the driver.

The other night, I happen to ride on a Bayabas-bound jeepney with a large TV with a 14-inch colored monitor. Passengers including myself and other motorists were amazed by the sight of this never-before-seen in CDO….the monitor was so bright (as seen above) that one can surely notice even if you’re not riding on the jeep.

A few months ago, Travel and Tours posted this taxi with a TV.

So what’s next for CDO? Videoke in jeepneys? ….

The installation of these gadgets in PUVs are really good especially in heavy traffic situations that will change the mood of the passengers. But just a reminder – don’t be too focused on the monitor as you might just miss your drop off point … or destination.

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