Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Constantino Jaraula is planning to construct a state-of-the-art city hospital somewhere along JR Borja Extension in Gusa. This will materialize if he pushes thru with the multi-billion loan being offered reportedly by some Korean investors.

Based on radio interviews and discussions in the City Council shown on TV, the new hospital will complement the existing JR Borja Hospital at Carmen which has been a subject of criticisms from the political opposition.

The new hospital will cater to mostly residents coming from the eastern part of the city. Access to the city hospital has been hampered by traffic at the city proper and seems to be a little distant for east-based would be patients. Most residents also prefer Northern Mindanao Medical Center, another government hospital but more modern and better equipped than most government hospitals.

Accordingly, part of the loan being offered is also for the Golden Mile Project which is planned to be extended up to Macabalan.

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