The 5-storey structure being constructed by Stephen Gaisano still puzzles me. Based on latest photo above, it seems the whole building is like a box with no windows whatsoever. Workers are seen putting on finishing touches on the building’s exterior.

Workers from Gaisano are also puzzled as to what Mr. Gaisano plans with the building. If it is an expansion of the CITY-MALL, there should be an opening at the back. But as shown in the photos below taken from the Gaisano City parking Area and along Julio Pacana Street, the building is truly an enclosed structure.

When asked if it is a hotel or a storage building/bodega, the workers said they have no idea. The ground floor’s ceiling is high enough for dump trucks to pass but the upper floors are also good for retail.

Hmmm…..maybe the good thing to do is to wait for the building to be completed and see if finally a signboard is installed at the site.

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