Golden Haven Memorial Park Inc. in Cagayan de Oro is fast taking shape to deliver its promise of a heavenly place filled with peace and beauty.  Roads are concreted, fences are built and construction of its centerpiece, the Santuario do Redentor ground breaking was held.

The Santuario do Redentor or Shrine of the Redeemer is located at the park’s highest point in what will be the Gardens of the Americas. Set to be a Cagayan de Oro landmark, the Santuario do Redentor is designed by the collaboration of SC&A Architects, Planners and ALTAVAS, Landscape Architect. It is a modern contemporary edifice designed to complement and serve as the perfect pedestal for the Redeemer. Light and airy, its lines and overall shape lead the eye up to the stunning Art Deco statue. The steel- and glass-enclosed sanctuary is designed to be differently-abled friendly and to protect from the elements while still making the most of the cooling breezes and the magnificent views. 


Phase 1 development for road concreting is 70% complete and now covers the 12-meter-wide main road from entrance to the big rotunda where the proposed Shrine of the Redeemer hall will be constructed. Also covered for Phase 1 concreting is the 10-meter road and an 8.5-meter road branch out leading to the garden niches, family patios and family estates. The road construction also has its complete drainage system.

The fence is a product of MGS Construction and is composed of pre-fabricated concrete panels and reinforced concrete posts. The wall has a span of 2.5 meters with a height of 2.0 meters. Each span has 8 by 2 inch thick panels attached to each other with concrete grouting for its joints. The very advantage of this type of fence is the method of construction.  Since its pre-fabricated, the installation process is easy and fast unlike the conventional CHB wall which needs enough time to complete a certain length for fencing.

This fence is more economical and cost-efficient and will have its own beauty with attractive shapes and design and an intricate stucco finish.  More park accomplishments are set to unfold in the coming year to mark Golden Haven as “The Most Beautiful Memorial Park in Cagayan de Oro”. 

article from Gold Star Daily

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