This is the title of the City Government of Cagayan de Oro’s full-page Christmas Greetings ad published on today’s issue of Gold Star Daily.

Below is the full script of the ad:

Cagayan de Oro soars high @ 60

Be a part of the future!

This, in a nutshell, is the rallying call of the present administration of the City Government of Cagayan de Oro under the dynamic partnership of City Mayor Constantino “Tinnex” Jaraula and Vice Mayor Vicente Y. Emano as they strongly push for the realization of flagship programs and projects that aim towards building a “more beautifully, more comfortably, and more gracefully livable” Cagayan de Oro City.

In fact, the City Chief Executive calls for a deeper public understanding and support to his thrust and vision, saying that…”the people must understand the imperatives of development. This is our city and not mine alone, so we are equally-responsible to make Cagayan de Oro City grow to heights never imagined before.”

“What is important is that we share our ideas and dreams with everybody because there is so much more to be done”, the City Mayor stressed, hoping that all Cagayanons will have grasp on his development plans to sustain the city’s growth and progress. Notng that the major infrastructure have been undertaken by former Mayor Emano, Mayor Jaraula is boldly focusing on what he called as “interior decoration projects.”

With over six months remaining in office, Mayor Jaraula has doubly exerted his efforts to finish the flagship projects before he retires in public service after serving the people of Cagayan de Oro City and the Province of Misamis Oriental with genuine commitment and dedication for 32 long years.

Topping his development agenda is fulfilling the plans he envisioned during his first term (1967-1971) as City Councilor, which he consistently and persistently pursued and articulated in his subsequent three terms (1988-1998). and this is the implementation of the initial phase of the “Boulevard Along the Riverbank”, consisting of a “promenade” from City Hall to the 5th Bridge, about 600 meters long, and the boulevard proper from Toribio Chaves Street to J.R. Borja Street about one kilometer long, to be known as the “Golden Mile”. In fact, the city has already completed the P10.7-million riverbank protection system as part of the project.

Part of the conceptualization of the “Golden Mile” is the construction of a walk bridge with a viewing deck and coffee-cum-souvenir shop in the middle spanning across Cagayan de Oro River, this connect Barangay Carmen and the new City Amphitheater that is now being redeveloped. Through public and private consortium, Mayor Jaraula has proposed to construct a high-rise building across the present site of te City Amphitheater to be called as the “City Center”.

Other notable flagship projects are the on-going construction of the four-storey, P169-million City Hall Legislative and Administrative Building Project, the P14.9-million City Amphitheater Redevelopment Project, and the beautification of the Gaston Park and the Duaw Park.

The perspective of the “Golden Mile” and the modern City Hall Legislative/Administrative Building Project… the new City Amphitheater… and the 30-storey City Center.

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