Latest photos of the Heritage Monument being built inside Gov. Vicente de Lara Park showed remarkable progress with the main figures made by renowned sculptor Ed Castrillo.

I can see three (3) figures at the top of the monument which resembles a family with open arms. Another figure shows a person holding a spear and another one holding what seems to be an ancient instrument.

This monument which is worth P27 million is expected to be inaugurated in January next year. It aims to honor the cultural heritage of the province to show to the world that Misamis Oriental is rich in its culture which is a pivotal contribution of the contemporary history of the whole Mindanao.

The Cultural Heritage of Misamis Oriental depicts the history of the province which Castrillo himself researched with the National Historical Institute (NHI) and some contributions from local folks (Old and aged). The Structural Tableau is 14 meters high in height, made of bronze metals (not from the Philippine supplier) and cement foundation. It comprises with four (big) dimensional characters, indigenous people of Misamis Oriental, a river, and other flora and fauna structures that say something about the history of the province.

Below are more pictures taken from the back and along the side.

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