St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral is currently undergoing a major renovation. The work area is behind the altar just beside the apse and the transepts.

Prior to the renovation, this area also has some rows of pews and you can see some portion of the outdoor garden behind the church as seen below.

Workers are seen removing the old roofs.

The side entrance of the apse shows the work area.

Below is the partition wall which isolates the work area from the altar and acts as buffer from the nuisance generated by the construction activities.

Most of the roof has been removed. I wonder if they’ll hire an artist to paint the new ceiling….ala Michealangelo….

This the view from inside the church or the altar.

Pictures below are from the other side of the church showing the crane.

Perhaps the Archhcdiocese has noted that the church attendance has signficantly increased… maybe to the growing population of the city.

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