Construction of the Uptown Condotel has began. The area is now fully fenced with ground works and ongoing vertical construction. I just happen to pass by the site this afternoon and took some very quick snap shots of the project.

The project is owned by Plumbline Development Corporation. As proposed, UPTOWN CONDOTEL will be a commercial glass tower with all the facilities of a hotel including but not limited to Concierge, Front Desk (Reception), Lobby Lounge, Coffee Shop, Filipino and International Theme Restaurants, Business Offices, Retail Outlets, a Full Service SPA, a Business Center, and a Medical Clinic with 24 Hours Nurse on Standby! Wow….

UPTOWN CONDOTEL is also conceptualized and designed as a full service luxury hotel with all the comforts of home (a home away from home), your Vacation Home!…this is based on their website of course.

Interestingly, perhaps this project caters to the growing Korean community in the city as its tarp also has a Korean language. Translation anyone?

I can only assume it says if you pay in January 2010, you’ll get 10% discount on rates…am I right?

This photo below was taken inside Xavier Estates and shows the back portion of the site.

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