This is part 5 and again all construction projects in this post has not been posted before in this blog. The photo above is a commercial development reportedly by businessman Gonzalo Go. This will add to the growing number of NIGHT SPOTS in the city where night life has never been so vibrant.

The project is said to be a large entertainment center or a videoke club. This perhaps going the style with Galam, VenU, Arko 8, Willsbar and lately, Silver Rain. I’m guessing they will also install LCD screens, laser and disco lights, and free wifi.

As of this morning, a crane is seen hoisting a steel beam at one corner. By the way, the project site is along Archbishop Hayes St. beside Bagong Lipunan Restaurant. Sir George Pension House can be seen in the background on the left.

The second project is that of the long-time favorite eatery “ATO-ATO LANG” at the corner of Toribio Chavez and Apolinar Velez Streets, right at the heart of the city proper. This small eatery has been a landmark with various customers ranign from students to bank employees. It’s also a favorite loading/unloading area for east-bound jeepneys. This wooden edifice also has a boarding house in the 2nd floor, and internet cafes in the ground floor aside from the eatery. Sadly, this eatery has been closed but fortunately will gave way to a more modern 3-storey building as seen below.

Next is the commercial strip beside the Polymedic Medical Plaza. The canopy of what used to be a show room for heavy equipment will now give way to a modern 2-storey development as seen below. I’m already thinking it will house a fastfood, pharmacy, internet cafe, coffee shops and maybe office spaces. This will cater to the hospital customers as well as nearby establishments. This is a good project as this will eliminate the structure which has blocked the view of the new hospital complex.

More info….there are constructions on-going along Masterson Mile. Earthmoving and a new building is also rising aside from the vertical expansion of the HP Building. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take some photos.

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