Construction of the City Legislative and Administrative Building is still ongoing. The concrete river wall constructed (Golden Mile) has protected the site from being inundated by Cagayan de Oro River at the height of Typhoon Urduja. The highest level during the storm was believed to be just 6 feet below the top crest of the wall.

Work on the building resumed after 2 days and as seen on the photos on this post, they are now installing vertical steel bars forming the main columns of the proposed structure.

As seen below, the workers are on the initial stages of the main columns. You can also see the concrete structres beneath believed to be underground drainage lines or perhaps the foundations.

The building’s perimeter has been properly delineated.

Below is the field office of the contractor.

This is the south side of the proposed building with ongoing earthworks.

Based on the perspective, the new building will be constructed to enclose the City Tourism Hall seen below.

Construction right beside the south portion of the City Tourism Hall.

Materials for the building at the project site.

When finished, this will definitely decongest the overcrowded city hall.

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