Revenue District Office No. 98, based in Cagayan de Oro City, has surpassed its collection goal by P31 million or 11% for the month of November 2009.

Tentative figures showed that for the month of November, RDO 98 collected close to P314 million against a target of P282 million.

As against the same period last year which collected P237 million, the excess is over P76 million or 32%. It is anticipated that these collection figures will increase when final reports are tallied.

RDO 98 still managed to beat the gigantic odds of collecting taxes in the face of a gloomy economy brought about by the global recession, the lowering of corporate income tax rate from 35% to 30%, and the implementation of Republic Act (RA) 9504 which increased exemptions and personal deductions.

RDO Noel B. Gonzales, head of RDO 98, said that freeing up taxes suppressed by some taxpayers cannot be done overnight, it needs tax campaigns that will bring lasting effect in the minds of the taxpaying public.

He further said however that in a very short span of time, his programs and policies started to gain grounds and he is expecting that the trend of the taxpayers’ tax compliance will continue to zoom up in the coming months.

It must be recalled that RDO Gonzales officially assumed office in the second quarter of 2009, RDO No. 98 was a troubled office then.

RDO No. 98, as one of the six (6) district offices in Revenue Region No. 16, is tasked to collect approximately 55% of the whole region’s assigned goal.

Under the leadership of RDO Noel B. Gonzales, RDO No. 98 was the first district office to surpass revenue collections of the prior year that paved the way in reversing the negative collection trend of the whole region.

Having the responsibility of collecting the bulk of the assigned goal, RDO 98 performance has hugely helped in wiping out the collection deficit of the region against last year’s collection performance.

Just recently, RDO 98 won the most coveted, “Handang Maglingkod” award, in recognition of having best practices in office.

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