I heard over the radio that Limketkai will finally start their world-class hotel project this December. Accordingly, the project involves two (2) high rises. One will be 18 storeys to be financed by the Limketkai Group and the other will be 23 storeys with a foreign counterpart. I don’t know if those are the final number of floors but we’ll just wait and see. It was initially a twin 21-storey hotel.

Construction has been delayed probably due to revision of plans and perhaps the source of funds to finance the huge investment. Limketkai has been busy with their Gateway project envisioned as a 24-hour outlet, an extension to the main mall. Limketkai is currently renovating their “Limketkai Building”, which was vacated by Golden Bell. Another commercial prospect would definitely locate in that historic structure which was the former “Kairo Theater”.

Not to be outdone, Unipace Corp. led by Stephen Gaisano is also reportedly planning to build a high-rise hotel at the vacant lot beside Nazareno Church. The property was the proposed site of a planned 17-storey building a few years ago of a foreign firm which never materialized. Rumors had it Gaisano would want his hotel to rival that of Limketkai, so maybe 21 storeys least?

News of Ayala putting up a mall in front of Gaisano Mall might have prompted Mr. Gaisano to purchase adjacent lots for expansion. He is currently constructing a building along Julio Pacana Street which would be good if later connected to Gaisano City. Gaisano couldn’t settle a deal with other adjacent lots as most are owned by long-time resident Cagayanons. On the eastern side, Gaisano also bought the RJ Homes Building which is next to La Cabana Spa. Now you wonder why RJ Homes transferred from a big building to a small showroom once occupied by Palañas Grocers Plaza.

With Gaisano buzzing up, would Mr. Hong See be far behind? After his Megacenter got burned down, Mr. See was lucky to bag the long-awaited Agora Complex Redevelopment Project which is now in full blast construction. Now, plans are also underway for the Ororama magnate to construct a multi-storey condotel, perhaps 10 or 11 storeys within their property along Capt. Vicente Roa Street. With Ayala putting up business also along the same street, this road would need to get rid of the “trisikads” plying the route as traffic is expected to be heavy in a few years time. Rumors has it Mr. See will rebuild a mall on the Megacenter site once he completes Agora.

With the Pelaez Group’s Paseo del Rio Project to take off soon with its 14-storey Business Hotel and Convention Center, the city’s skyline would drastically change in a few years time. And if the planned 30-storey City Center at the back of the amphitheater would be realized, the Golden Mile, Duaw Park and new JR Borja Bridge, Cagayanons based in other places would find a very different city when they come back home.

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