This is Part 4 of the series of other construction updates in the city. All of these developments have not been mentioned in previous posts. First up is the Nazareth Tourist Inn shown above. This 5-storey edifice is located near the junction of 21st and 27th streets in Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City. Progress work is currently on the 4th floor.

Owned by Provincial Board Member Engr. Jimmy Caiña, the project adds to the list of growing number of accommodation facilities in the city.

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Next is the seemingly vertical expansion of the just opened Nature’s Pensionne Velez below. A penthouse or maybe just a utility room on the probable 5th floor? I don’t know but the ceiling height will reveal otherwise.


On-going civil works for the Cooperative Bank of Misamis Oriental (below) just beside the Capitol Tennis Courts. There were earlier reports that the entire block would be leased or sold by the provincial government for commercial development.


There will be no night life temporarily at the Only-In-Cagayan Grill, Casual Brew and Fu Bar as the complex is currently undergoing a major renovation.


With the opening of new hotels in the city, competition is forcing old hotels to renovate or undergo improvements. Fems Lodging House, a local favorite among those with small budgets located just beside Maxandrea Hotel, is undertaking a major facelift and renovation. I wonder if there’s a change in management also of the 4-storey building.


The old Jacutin Building shown below along Velez St. is also currently being renovated. No tarpaulin can be seen but perhaps another commercial project.


Even the religious sector like Fatima Chapel fronting MOGCHS is having a major reconstruction. The chapel now has a dome shown in the photo.


A hotel and restaurant business will open soon on the vacant 3-storey space beside the Land Bank building along Velez St. The building which was once used by ACSAT underwent major reconstruction last year and was advertised to be ready for leasing as a hotel business. Soon after, the tarp was changed to what you see in the picture. Ongoing renovation works inside as waste construction materials can beeen beside the building.


Lastly, a 2-storey commercial  building is currently under construction along Rizal-Gomez Streets just fronting Somo Funeral Parlor.


There are still more and will post them soon.

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