Survivor Philippines: Palau’s first member of the jury is Marvin Kiefer of Cagayan de Oro City after being unanimously voted off by the castaways at their first tribal council as members of the merged tribe, Sonsorol.

Marvin, “The Ultimate Crush”, eventually earned the moniker, “The Man of Steel” for exemplifying superior strength and will power during reward and immunity challenges despite being the youngest among the castaways. 


However, the strength and skills he showcased made him the castaways’ greatest threat that even his original tribe mates from Koror voted to eliminate him from the game.

Survivorphilippines.tv had a chance to talk to the latest castoff, Marvin Kiefer whose controversial exit left so many fans with broken hearts.

SP.TV    :    “How did you feel when you were voted off by Sonsorol?”

Marvin :    “Feeling ko lang noong na-vote out ako, it was shocking na lahat talaga – 9 is to 1. Alam ko na ako lang ang mag-isang bumoto kay Tara. Second vote pa lang na against me, alam ko na talo na ako. Sa first two Tribal Council I experienced, talagang unanimous ang naging voting at ganoon ang pagrelease ng vote, so alam ko na. Alam ko na threat ako, pero hindi ko naisip na lahat talaga, especially sila Suzuki na boboto against me. Nashock ako kasi akala ko we had an understanding. But I had to just accept.”

SP.TV     :    “What’s your take about being considered as a great threat among the castaways?”

Marvin :    “I was also proud of myself na they all voted for me, all 9 voted for me. They were all scared of me, so in a way, sa sarili ko achievement na takot sila sa akin. Iyon lang. So, in a way proud din ako na takot sila sa akin.”

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