In spite of the calamity that hit Northern Mindanao during the first quarter of this year, fish production gained a 9.51% increase for the first semester of 2009. The estimated gross value of fishery production amounted to P1.834 million.

Among the three sectors, commercial fishing posted the biggest gain at 21.40%, aquaculture at 4.35% and municipal at 2.46%, respectively.

Based on the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) report, increase in commercial fishery could be attributed to the accumulated volume of unloadings in Lanao del Norte that reached to 4.3 thousand metric tons influenced the significant aggregate production of the region. Also, an average of 3-4 metric tons a day was unloaded at the different landing centers in Sultan Naga Dimaporo, Lanao del Norte.

Aquaculture managed to gain more than 4% increase due to the improvement on brackish fishpond management due to its expanding market resulted to bigger size harvested in cultured species. Likewise, marine fish cage culture of bangus had gained more growers in Misamis Oriental.

In support to the fingerling requirement, fishpond operators shifted to fingerling production.

The 2.46% increase in municipal fishery was due to the strict implementation and enforcement of the fishery laws and the establishment of resource enhancement projects like fish sanctuaries and mangrove rehabilitation.

The continued efforts of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), in region 10, on GET EXCEL tilapia fingerling dispersal enhanced the production in inland fishing and different communal bodies of water in the region. (BFAR 10)

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