National Power Corp. (Napocor) said power shortage in the Mindanao grid has now eased, as one of idled plants on the island resumed operation yesterday.

“With STEAG generating at 210 megawatts (September 24), generation is more than enough to supply the demand of Mindanao grid,” said Napocor spokesman Dennis Gana.

STEAG’s coal-fired plant has an installed capacity of 232 megawatts. It generates about 1 billion kilowatt hours of power yearly.

“We have a total generating capability of 1,380 MW and our forecast peak today is 1,167 MW plus 138 required reserves. We have a net dispatchable reserve of 75 MW,” Ganna said.

Ganna said other plants that are under maintenance are also expected to go on stream by the weekend.

Earlier, four plants run by Napocor’s and two by power producers were temporarily shut down for a variety of reasons.

The shutdown resulted in a deficient capacity, leading rotating brownouts during peak hours. Power supply is normal during off-peak hours.

Napocor said that the reasons for the decrease in capacity were the tripping of Agus 1 on August 10 and the shutdown of the 100-MW plant of Western Mindanao Power Corp.

The breakdown coincided with the scheduled preventive maintenance of Agus 2, Agus 5, Pulangi 4 and the STEAG plant.

Napocor said the ongoing preventive maintenance will, in the long-run, assure a more reliable and stable power supply for the grid.

Data from the DOE showed that this year would be critical for the Mindanao grid, with peak demand reaching 1,525 megawatts, excluding the additional capacity requirement of 100 MW.

Reserve capacity in Mindanao will be short by 7.5 percent or 84 MW from the 212 MW requirement in 2010.

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