Municipal Trial Court and City Judges are currently holding their week-long 11th National Convention-Seminar at the Pearlmont Inn, this city.

With the holding of the convention, City Mayor Jaraula hoped that the lack of judges, overpopulated detention facilities, etc. are brought to the attention of the Supreme Court, and solutions are found.

One good example is the “Justice on Wheels” project which usually calls for the deployment of a mobile court room (a passenger bus converted into a mobile court room) in congested jail facilities.

The inmates whose cases are no longer actively being pursued by the complainants are provisionally ordered released by the judges staffing the mobile court room.

Mobile court hearings also give litigants an additional hearing day -– a “special” hearing day –- of their cases, thereby contributing to speedy disposition of cases.

Justice on Wheels is part of the Supreme Court’s “Increasing Access to Justice by the Poor Program” which aims to close in the gaps and roadblocks under the justice system that limit the poor from seeking redress from the courts. (CdeO-CIO)

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