Beer Below Zero Inc. (BBZ), a Philippine company that developed a technique to serve alcoholic beverages in bottles at below zero degrees centigrade temperature plans to bring their technology to Cagayan de Oro City.

In a news article, the City of Golden Friendship together with Iloilo and Bohol are being considered as a growth market for the high demand for BBZ beer products. At the moment, BBZ has 125 freezers all over the country, but they can only deploy around 20 freezers in a month since they only have four local manufacturers that supply them with the equipment.


Beer Below Zero is a new freezing technology that turns your favorite after-hours beverage into the most seductive social lubricant: a paper-thin layer of frost wrapped around the slender bottle, wisps of cool air seeping out of the icy rim, the golden liquid within kept at a temperature just below freezing point.

Beer Below Zero is the brainchild of beer connoisseurs and bar owners Luigi Nuñez, Vinson Co Say, and Jay-jay Angala. The three young partners of Global Beer Below Zero always dreamed of venturing into the local beer business, and were brought together by their “common passion for drinking extremely cold beer.”


Once materialized, local establishments in the city like bars may soon serve BBZ products and may be called as Ground Zero establishments.


The company deploys their retrofitted freezers of 11 cubic feet and 19 cubic feet to several bar outlets for free. They are using beer brands that are available in the market and they earn by charging between P5 and P10 per bottle of beer.

They also dispatch several BBZ employees to handle the freezers, including loading the contents, to make sure that quality will be maintained.

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