Passed by Julio Pacana Street this noon and it seems the supposed expansion of Gaisano City-Mall will have 5 floors. There were only few workers seen working on the steel columns on the 5th floor as most of the workforce are having a lunch break.



As you can see, the shape of the building is like an “L”, owing to the fact that Gaisano failed to purchase the surrounding lots adjoining it. A very narrow facade along Julio Pacana St. is countered with a wide expanse at the back near Gaisano City.





Still, it’s not clear when will this structure be connected to the main mall building. The ground floor has a very high ceiling perhaps to accommodate entry of delivery trucks (initial rumor is that it’s a Gaisano warehouse). Some say the upper floors will be a budget hotel (because of the high demand for rooms). Construction work is 24 hours as I could see them working even at night.

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