The long delayed redevelopment of the City Amphitheater at the western tip of Divisoria along Burgos Street has finally began. Accordingly, the awarding for the winning bidder of the project was completed just last week. Prior to that, layouting has already been undertaken by engineers involved.

A single excavator is seen for the much needed ground works. Quite a number of deep excavations inside the park were noted so far. Underground electrical wirings for the globe lights were also removed.





According to the plan, the existing amphitheater will be demolished and a new design will be built on an elevated platform above Burgos Street connecting to the 30-storey tower as repeatedly announced by Mayor Constantino Jaraula in many gatherings in the city. The space below the park will be utilized for parking.

Drainage lines along Tirso Neri Street just beside the park are being rehabilitated as of this post.

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