THE Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) is looking at constructing a slaughterhouse near its Cagayan de Oro port to push hog growers to ship processed meat instead of live hogs or cattle.

PPA said shipping processed meat is cheaper and leads to less delays than shipping live animals, which are oftentimes seen as pollutants. PPA general manager Atty. Oscar Sevilla said he has asked the port cargo handler, Oro Port, to look into the establishment of the slaughterhouse, which he said is the only missing facility in the Cagayan de Oro port.

“Oro Port is now trying to arrange a meeting with possible slaughterhouse operators as well as port users to come up with an agreement to properly implement the project,” Sevilla said.

“Once implemented, we could prevent pollution in our ports which is a problem in shipping live animals… at the same time prolong storage resulting in higher margins,” he added.

Cagayan de Oro is one of the biggest suppliers of hogs and cattle nationwide. Most shipments — especially those bound for Manila — are reportedly rejected for pollution, causing delays even for shipping lines.


Last year, Solid Shipping Lines — one of the country’s largest carriers of hogs and cattle from Cagayan de Oro to Manila — stopped offering live hog shipping services after North Harbor port authorities prevented the company from discharging such cargo as a precaution against further polluting Manila Bay.

Earlier 2GO, the logistics arm of the Aboitiz Transport System Corp, urged shippers to use cold chains to prevent health and sanitation issues, and help rein in costs.

2GO, which has its own string of cold chain facilities located in different ports nationwide, said not all ports have proper sewerage facilities to process cattle waste.

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