Likha Dance Ensemble, a Cagayan de Oro-based dance group will represent the Philippines in the 5th International Youth Dance Festival 2009 in Beijing next week.

The 28 members of Likha Dance Ensemble––16 males and 12 females––will perform as a nature dance.

The nature dance emphasizes the expression of inner virtues uising traditional or self-composed dance steps. Also known as the ‘‘Dance of the Inner Conscience,’’ nature dance is being billed as a dance of  happiness, good fortune and laughter.

Formed in 2008, the Likha Dance Ensemble was ‘‘discovered’’ during its barangay fiesta performance by members of the International Nature Loving Association (Inla), the organizer of the annual International Youth Dance Festival.

Other competing countries include China,  Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, United States, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Canada, Cambodia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Myanmar, South Korea, Australia, among others.

photos from http://kizzykeshia.multiply.com; with report from Mark Francisco of Gold Star Daily

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