In an effort to boost livestock production and animal dispersal program, City Mayor Constantino “Tinnex” Jaraula yesterday said the City Government is establishing a 14-hectare mini-stock farm in barangay Indahag this city.

During Monday’s flagraising ceremony at City Hall, Mayor Jaraula claimed that the livestock farm will serve as the city’s main breeding center of high-breed animals such as cattle, horse, hog, goat, sheep and even turkey.

According to the Mayor, the mini-stock farm in Indahag will not only serves as an animal breeding facility, but also as a major source of farm animals which will be distributed to farmers under the city-wide livestock dispersal program.

To date, City Veterinarian Dr. Perla Asis said a total of 487 heads of cattle were distributed to farmers under the cattle dispersal project, 70 to 80 heads of which are now ‘re-dispersable’ to other farmer-beneficiaries through the ‘rollover’ scheme.

With the establishment of the city-run mini-stock farm in Indahag, Dr. Asis hopes that the number of beneficiaries of the city’s livestock dispersal program will eventually increase, thus, improving the quality of life and family income of poor farmers.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jaraula ordered the Agricultural Productivity Office (APO to put up two bamboo nurseries in the eastern and western side of the city as part of his efforts to rehabilitate flood-stricken riverside areas.

The City Mayor identified barangay Macasandig along Cagayan De Oro River and the agricultural-rich barangays of San Simon, Pagatpat and Canitoan along the Iponan River as potential sites for bamboo plantation.

Aside from providing river protection against landslides and flashfloods, Mayor Jaraula said the sturdy bamboo trees provide good absorption capacity on carbon emission.

The Mayor added that producing export-quality bamboo furniture products will also provide farmers better source of additional livelihood income after noting high market demand from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Australia and Germany.

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