The Agora Redevelopment Project will now be called NEW AGORA COMPLEX Project. Construction is still in full swing with vertical improvements especially beside the existing bus terminal. Market stalls are already in place around the work area with some still setting up their stalls. Stalls along the eastern portion inside the bus terminal have been relocated. An estimated 300 skilled and non-skilled workers are employed by the project construction.


The P250 Million New Agora Complex has the following components:

  • Terminal for All Eastbound Buses
  • Terminal for All Eastbound Public Utility Vehicles
  • Terminal for Public Utility and Public Passenger Vehicles future use
  • Commercial rentable stalls and premises
  • Vegetable and fruit landing and trading area, stalls and premises
  • Dry goods, market, wet market and supermarket area


The total area for the project is 2.4 hectares. The project is expected to be operational by next year 2010.



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