Cagayan de Oro will host this year’s Mindanao Bloggers Summit (MB3) on October 24, 2009. The venue will be announced soon. This year’s theme will be “Mindanao Bag-ohon sa Panan-aw”. This will be the third summit of Mindanao bloggers.

Hopefully, the CDO Bloggers led by the tireless Chiq Montes will raise the level of hosting this event…promoting CDO that is…Wi-Fi anyone? I wonder what would be the giveaways this time. I can suggest any of the following:

a.) laptop (well, the budget is?)

b.) bluetooth dongle (just invite CD-R King as one of the sponsors)

c.) discount promo card at all whitewater rafting groups

d.) SLERS or perhaps VJANDEP Pastel

e.) keychain Wi-Fi detector with MB3 logo

f.) printed polo or t-shirt (by Modtrade of course)

g.) 40-in-1 DVD Hayden Collection

h.) Wi-Fi antenna

i.) USB wireless adapter

j.) and lastly but not the least…a wireless access point (WAP).

I also wonder if they entertain venue-less summit….meaning all participants stay in their places….no cost of travel, less fuel, less burning of fossil fuels, less carbon emission and WE SAVE MOTHER EARTH!

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