Mayor Constantino “Tinnex” Jaraula has laid down his thrust for the remaining days of his term. In a press conference he called for the purpose, the mayor said that he will be concentrating on improving the services of the city in terms of developing it for the good of the residents.

He said that he has realized that the rich, not only here in the country but also from abroad are looking for 2nd homes, Weekend homes, Vacation homes and Retirement Homes. “Cagayan de Oro is the most ideal location for these homes,” he said.

In line with this, Jaraula plans to continue to make the city more livable and more beautiful.

The Golden Mile which he has envisioned along the riverbank will now cover both sides of the river. Originally planned for the Burgos side only, he said that studies are now being done to also build even just a walk at the Carmen side.

The city has also called for the “Best Offer’ for the City that is envisioned at the back of the Amphitheater Center

“The offer will all depend on how many floors of the building will be available for the city,” he said.

He also reported that the improvement of Gaston Park is almost finished and is just awaiting the Dancing Fountain that will replace the existing fountain.

The tennis court will transferred to the old cemetery at Dolores/Hayes Streets and the present area will converted into a pay-parking area so that Gaston Park will already be a No parking Area.

On the matter of the city’s traffic, Jaraula said that he will revamp the RTA. He has already discussed this matter with Police Chief Superintendent Danilo Empedrad of PNP PRO10 who is now looking for someone in the PNP who is knowledgeable in Tarffic Management. He claims the traffic oersonnel atin the RTA are disoriented and needs new blood.

The mayor has likewise directed the engineers in the city to study the city’s needs for more traffic lights. Depending on the cost he said that the city can purchase 12 to 25 traffic light sets with CCTV to be installed all over the city with a centralize control unit.

The mayor also mentioned that subdivision developers are now looking at the eastern hilly portions of the city after Robinsons and W. Brown have started to develop their new subdivisions with a good view of the bay and the city.

Memorial parks are also being considered in the eastern part where big areas are still available.

Jaraula is in his last year of office, his term ending on June 30, 2010. He has promised to stay in office for only one term and he said that he is looking forward to retire from politics and spend time with his grandchildren. His supporters are asking him to seek one more term for him to fully finish his projects but he claims that even his doctor has advised him to take a rest.

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