The plans for the Northern Mindanao Institute of Good Governance are well underway. Architect Richard Tan has developed a design for a multi-storey complex to be constructed on an almost one-hectare lot donated by Pueblo de Oro to the Regional Development Council through NEDA-10 beside the Oro Chamber Business Development Centre.

The Northern Mindanao Institute of Good Governance (NMIGG) is a training institute that will cater to the capability building and skills enhancing needs of local officials, heads of offices and chief executive officers in the government bureaucracy. The NMIGG will also serve as the future office of the RDC and its secretariat.

Within the institution, a center for innovation will be established that will then serve as a venue to share best practices along good governance and major development initiatives. The NMIGG shall likewise act as a repository of information, data sets and other reference materials using the IT and traditional library systems for the use of researchers, policy makers, planners and the general public.

The project also seeks to set up satellite offices of local government units (LGUs) that will serve as contact centers for matters relating to their localities. A research arm is also going to be established, which will study appropriate training modules, undertake evaluation and impact researches, document case studies, and serve to continuously update the institution on emerging approaches and methods along good governance.

Project funds will be sought from bilateral and/ or multilateral ODA partners for the sponsorship of the institute’s facilities aside from generating financial support from Northern Mindanao’s LGUs, members of the Congress and the Senate, and major private and government-owned and controlled corporations.

The prime beneficiaries of this project will be government officials and managers whose skills are expected to be improved as they lead and direct their employees and workforce. It is also hoped that the general public and constituents will benefit from more efficient and effective public service as well as more responsive programs and projects that will uplift their lives and improve the regional economy.

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