THE Gold Star Daily celebrates its 20th anniversary today without much fanfare but with a renewed commitment to contribute in ensuring a well-informed citizenry.

The publication, the oldest and the premier daily in the region, has humble beginnings. It started as a six-page daily in the city with a small building on Pabayo St. as its center of operations.

It all started when businessman Ernesto Chu dared to defy the odds and prove that coming out with a daily newspaper for such a small market in Cagayan de Oro in the late ’80s can be viable.

The Gold Star Daily started with a lean pioneering staff with the then Philippine News Agency bureau chief Cris Diaz briefly serving as its first editor-in-chief. Bingo Alcordo, who was also manager of radio station DxCO then, wrote Gold Star’s first banner story. Diaz is now this paper’s business editor and Alcordo is still one of its columnists.

One of the Gold Star’s pioneering reporters, Herbie Gomez, is now the paper’s editor-in-chief.
In 1991, Gold Star Daily made the big move outside its home base, expanding its business first to Iligan City then to Malaybalay and Gingoog cities. Initial success encouraged Chu to venture further on to Caraga: Butuan City, and the two Surigao and Agusan provinces.

The growth of Gold Star Daily prompted it to move out of its original home in Pabayo Street to its present production and editorial offices in Gusa.

The paper is now being read daily in many cities and provinces in Mindanao.

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