Construction of the Golden Mile has now reached the back portion of the St. Augustine Cathedral Compound. The contractor, UKC Builders Inc., is fast-tracking the initial phase of construction which is the river protection. Concrete piles for river protection are now in place from Toribio Chaves Street up to riverside near Golden Friendship Tennis Court and St. Augustine Cathedral.

Based on the plan below, the accomplishment is now marked with color Yellow.

goldenmile2-copy copy

The depth of the piles driven can be seen in the photo below. The numbers indicated on the piles are in meters so this one below is nearly 6 meters deep. Pile driving is also on-going just beside it.


Before the development of the Golden Mile, this area below the Carmen Bridge has long been the haven for rugby boys and prostitutes giving quick pleasures to prospective customers. With the project, this will be eliminated but of course, security guards and night patrols of tanods will also have to help.


More photos of “Cathedral side” below.








The photos below are taken from the city hall side.



In less than a month, the Golden Mile has reached such accomplishments worthy to be noted. It is a flagship project of Mayor Jaraula and designed to attract more investors and tourists. The Golden Mile will also connect to the Paseo del Rio Mixed Use Development Project which is another big investment and also slated to start late this year.

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