Gaston Park, named after the first Mayor of Cagayan de Oro, Segundo Gaston and located near the Saint Augustine Cathedral and Archbishop’s Palace is now closed to the public due to a redevelopment project by the city government. Groundworks within the park is now ongoing which also includes landscaping of the garden and replacement of the current fountain into a “dancing fountain” with different colors at night.

This park was the center of town when Pueblo de Cagayan was first erected in 1624.  This plaza served as the training ground  for the local revolutionaries who were preparing for the Phil-American War  in 1900.


With the park’s closure, Church goers will have to contend with the revitalized garden overlooking the river on the southwest corner of the Cathedral.




There are still no billboards of perspective installed at the park so we don’t really know what it would look like when finished.


Photo below shows Gaston Park at dusk before the redevelopment so we expect a more colorful park when this project is finished.

Hopefully, they’ll replace the current children’s playground with new slides monkey bars, and swings and more benches. The globe lights will be retained. The “dancing fountain” will be best viewed at night due to its numerous colors and is expected to attract more tourists. Truly, Gaston Park will always be a city landmark.

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