STEAG State Power Inc. held a formal reception of the new company leadership in simple but fitting ceremonies recently.

This developed as SPI announces the appointment of Dr. Bodo Goerlich as incoming Company President and Dr. Carsten Evers as incoming Manager of the Mindanao Power Plant.

Dr. Goerlich will succeed Mr. Andreas Rubin, who served as President since January 2004, while Dr. Evers will assume the plant management post from Mr. Oliver Brock, who served as PPM since June 2007.

Dr. Goerlich started his career as Assistant Professor at the RWTH Aachen University at the North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, where he also obtained his Doctorate Degree in Engineering. Dr. Goerlich hails from Marl, Germany.

He is previously assigned as Chief of the Evonik Representative Office in Peking, China. He also served as General Manager of the Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH and President of Montan Consulting GmbH.

A mining engineer by profession, Dr. Goerlich also had several stints in various mining companies like Bergbau AG Niederrhein and Ruhrkohle  AG where he served in various capacities ranging from Planning Engineer to Division Manager and Department Head.

Dr. Carsten Evers will so far be the youngest plant manager assigned to SPI. A holder of a doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bochum In Germany, Dr. Evers started his career as Assistant Professor in the same university in 1996 until 2001.

He then joined the Evonik Energy Services as Project Engineer in 2002, then moved on to the Power Plant Operation Division “KBT” of the headquarters of Evonik Steag GmbH the following year. After several national and international projects, his first long term foreign assignment was at the Mindanao Power Plant Project as Mechanical Engineer of Steag in 2006-2007, after which, he was assigned back at the Evonik Steag Division “TSS” in August 2007.

A More Robust Company

Dr. Goerlich and Dr. Evers will be taking over the helm of a relatively more robust company. SPI had fulfilled so far its mission of helping stabilize supply of power in the fast-growing regions of Mindanao. During its first two years of operation, SPI accounted for a substantial 20% of Mindanao’s energy supply, delivering a total of 1.4 million MWh and 1.33 million MWh in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

Through the years, the company has laid a strong foundation for organizational growth. Vital policies, systems and procedures have been established which helped propelled good overall company performance.

“What has become of SPI now is attributable to the team-spirit among employees and the leaders that we have” says COMREL Manager Ghaye Alegrio, who is one of the pioneers of the company.

The reception program marks also a simple but fitting tribute to the outgoing leaders of the company. “This is our modest way of saying thank you to Mr. Rubin and Mr. Brock” says HR Manager Leah Tadena.

Tadena said that it is important for employees to realize that the strong company that is SPI now is a confluence and synergy of good leadership and followership.

Pioneering President

Mr. Rubin will be remembered as the pioneering President who was instrumental in realizing the development and implementation of the Mindanao Power Plant Project.

His first stint in the Philippines was in May 2001 when he was assigned as Managing Director of the then STEAG AG Representative Office in the Philippines.  His primary responsibility was the development of Steag’s greenfield power plant project in the Philippines. When the special purpose company STEAG State Power Inc. was established, Mr. Rubin was appointed President and CEO beginning January 2004.

Mr. Rubin brought with him his rich experience and expertise as a lawyer specializing in energy economy, energy laws, corporate laws, as well as subjects pertaining to Energy Companies Privatization, Contractual Structure for IPP Business, Power Purchase Agreements, Fuel Supply Agreements, Shareholder Agreements and O&M Contracts.

In 1995 to 2001, he was corporate counsel of the Energy Sales Division of STEAG AG. During the period, he has facilitated the negotiations of the Power Purchase and Sales Agreements for various projects in Taiwan, Hongkong and Argentina.

Mr. Rubin was also responsible for the realization of EU-directives for STEAG’s Energy Economy Division as the company participates in the liberalized electricity market. He was also engaged in the negotiations for the coal supply and transportation agreement for the 1,210MW Iskenderun Power Plant Project in Turkey.

Mr. Rubin hails from Buederich , Duesseldorf, Germany. He obtained his Studies of Law in 1987 from the University of Bonn in Germany, and passed the First State Examination Board / Appellate Court in Dusseldorf, Germany. In 1991, he passed the Second State Examination for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, also in Dusseldorf.
Putting On-Line the Power Plant

Mr. Oliver Brock will be remembered as the guy responsible for putting on-line the power plant and sustaining its efficiency for the first critical years of plant operation.

He came to the Philippines in 2005 as Site Commissioning Manager of the Mindanao Power Plant Project. Prior to that, he was Boiler Commissioning Engineer at the Iskenderun Power Plant in Turkey beginning 2002.

Mr. Brock’s exceptional record in plant operation brought him to numerous assignments worldwide. In 2001, he was responsible for the inspection of a heat recovery steam generator with three pressure system downstream of a 250MW Siemens Gas Turbine at the Cottam Development Center in England.

He had also worked as commissioning engineer for two natural circulation bituminous coal-fired steam generators of Harbin Boiler Works in Anhui Province in China. He was Commissioning Manager for the coal-fired Steam Generator for Shanghai Boiler Works in Shi Dong Kuo, Shanghai, China in 2000.

He also worked as commissioning manager and engineer for various projects in Mexico, Australia, Kuwait, Czech Republic, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Germany.

Mr. Brock obtained his University Course in Engineering at the Technische Fachhochschule in Berlin in 1989.  He hails from Berlin.

PHOTO: TRADITIONAL HITTING OF THE GONG: Incoming SPI President Dr. Bodo Goerlich (2nd from right) and Incoming Power Plant Manager Dr. Carsten Evers (2nd from left) lead in the ceremonial hitting of the gong during simple but fitting reception ceremony tendered in their honor. Looking on are outgoing President Andreas Rubin (left) and outgoing Plant Manager Oliver Brock (right).

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