Among the five Port Disrict Offices (PDO) in the country, PDO Northern Mindanao was able to post an 85.17 percent foreign cargo growth during the first quarter of 2009. 

Cargo volume in the first quarter slightly declined by 2.13 percent to 32.58 million metric tons (mmt) from 33.29 mmt. Declines were noted in cargo volume at the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT), South Harbor and Limay ports.

MICT and South Harbor account for 30.6 percent of the total cargo volume handled by the country’s ports.

The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) said PMO Limay recorded a drop by 22.25 percent or 0.886 mmt, South Harbor by 0.779 mmt or 29.45 percent, while MICT suffered a decline by 0.430 mmt or 11.22 percent.

On the other hand, PPA said Batangas port, Nasipit, Puerto Princesa and Surigao ports posted increases which tempered the declines in other ports.

Batangas registered 0.815 mmt or a 21.67 percent increase from last year; Nasipit by 208.11 percent cargo growth to 0.858 mmt from 0.278 mmt; the Port Management Office (PMO) of Puerto Princesa’s cargo volume jumped by 79.18 percent while PMO Surigao rose 64.14 percent.

Also, cargo volume improvements were registered in PMO Calapan by 24.86 percent, Batangas 21.67 percent, Pulupandan, 12.44 percent and San Fernando by 11.01 percent.

Domestic cargoes grew by 1.71 percent to 17.16 mmt while foreign cargoes declined by 6.07 percent to 15.42 mmt.

On foreign trading, import rose 0.75 percent while export cargoes dropped 17.93 percent, indicating how the global crisis affected the export industry.

“For the period January to March, foreign cargo deteriorated most abruptly in PMO Limay which posted a 32.39 percent drop from last year,” PPA said.

Port of Limay is where most of the imported oil passes through.

Export cargoes in Dumaguete dropped by 82.01 percent from last year’s 0.91 mmt, to this year’s 0.16 mmt.

“Except for PMO North Harbor, all other ports under Port District of Manila/ Northern Luzon posted negative growth in export cargoes,” it said.

An uptrend in export cargo was observed in North Harbor, Pulupandan, Tagbilaran, Nasipit and Surigao.

Positive aggregate cargo volume on import and export was recoded at PMOs North Harbor, San Fernando, Batangas, Ormoc, Tagbilaran, Nasipit, Surigao and Zamboanga.

Container volume on the other hand dropped by 5.09 percent to 884,753 TEUs, of which domestic cargo traffic posted a 0.10 percent increase while foreign dropped 8.42 percent to 519,848 from last year’s same period of 567,652 TEUs.

Passenger volume declined by 3.10 percent to 9.662 million, of which 9.652 million were domestic and only 8,008 were foreign.

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